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Insert Data Flow Nugget

Important Note:

As of the 2017.4 release, Data Flow Nuggets will no longer be supported and may be excluded entirely from future releases.

Data Flow Nuggets are data flow tasks that have been stored in SSIS packages and can be reused at any time.

Feature Highlights

  Create and reuse data flow tasks in any package

  Copy variables and connection managers

Tutorial Video

How to Insert a Data Flow Nugget

1.   In order to use the insert nugget, make sure you are on the Data Flow screen

2.   From there you will right click the pipe you wish to insert the nugget at

3.   The menu will pop with the Insert Nugget option

4.   After clicking Insert Nugget, the insert nugget window will appear. Here you can load your data flow nugget package, then select the nugget you wish to use, and select a source component.