Custom Metadata Import

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Custom Metadata Import

Doc xPress gathers data using providers. If there is no existing provider for a source, then users can use the Custom Metadata Import provider to import custom metadata files. This is useful when there is a need to incorporate data about unsupported platforms such as Access or DB2.

Best Practices

BI Compare



Data Dictionary




a Best Practices rules can be analyzed for the Custom Metadata Import provider once the user has created User Defined Best Practices

b Documentation sets generated from the Custom Metadata Import provider do not contain a unique structure and instead use a common layout

c Data Dictionary categories can be applied to the Custom Metadata Import provider once custom paths have been created

Getting Started

While inside of a solution within the DOC xPress feature you can click the "Add" button to add a new item.

On the next page you will give the item a name and select Custom metadata import for the source type. Then you will provide the paths to the needed files. There are three files that need to be imported: object file, property file, and lineage file. The object files contain names of the objects contained in the database. The properties file contains information about those objects. The lineage files will contain information about how the objects are related. After selecting your files, click ok.

The files have been applied to the solution and the information gathered from those files will be included in the DOC xPress documentation and show in the lineage analysis.