Hive Server

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Hive Server

Tutorial Video

Hive Provider System Requirements:

  64-bit Operating Systems:

o   64-bit HortonWorks Hive ODBC Driver

o   32-bit HortonWorks Hive ODBC Driver

  32-bit Operating Systems:

o   32-bit HortonWorks Hive ODBC Driver

Best Practices

BI Compare



Data Dictionary



a Best Practices rules can be analyzed for the Hive provider once the user has created User Defined Best Practices

b Data Dictionary categories can be applied to the Hive provider once custom paths have been created

Getting Started

1.   After creating a solution, click the "Add" button on the right side of the page

2.   Give the solution item a meaningful name

3.   Select the Hive provider from the source type drop down

4.   Provide a valid Hive connection string

5.   You may also customize your documentation by adding filters

Important Note:

Excluding certain types may affect Lineage Analysis.

6.   Click "OK" to add the Hive Server to the Solution Items window

Sample Output