Managing Your Solution

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Managing Your Solution

Table of Contents

  Creating Your DOC xPress Solution

  Adding Solution Items

o   Custom Metadata Import

o   Excel Spreadsheet

o   Hive Server

o   Informatica PowerCenter Repository

o   Oracle Database

o   SQL Server

o   SSAS Server

o   SSIS Package

o   SSRS Report

o   Tableau Server

  Manage Aliases

  Creating a Snapshot

o   Command Line Snapshots

  Generating Documentation

o   Command Line Documentation

1.   Once DOC xPress is open in Workbench, select the solution you wish to manage.

2.   When your item is selected, you will have the option to Open it for editing, or delete it. Clicking delete will prompt a confirmation window. Opening it will bring you into the solution.

3.   From here you can select solution items and edit them how you wish.

Important Note:

After a snapshot has completed, you can expand and navigate the metadata for a solution item by using the Metadata Viewer. Simply select the item you wish to explore, and left click on the "View" button located on the right side of the Items Panel.