Running Packages on 64 Bit Machine

Things to remember when you working in 64bit environment Potential problems in a 64-bit setup

32-bit tools not installed: The 32-bit runtime and tools are not automatically included when you install 64-bit Integration Services. If you have packages that need to run in 32-bit mode, then you have to select an additional option on the Feature Selection page of Setup. On x64, this can be BIDS or Management Tools - Complete; since BIDS is not available on Itanium, on Itanium you must check Management Tools - Complete.

32-bit tools run by default: When the 32-bit tools are also installed, the path to the 32-bit tools appears BEFORE the path to the 64-bit tools in the PATH environment variable. Therefore, if you just type "dtexec" at the command prompt, for example, you are running the 32-bit version of the tool. Your options are to type the full 64-bit path, make the 64-bit directory the current directory first, or change the order in the PATH environment variable. Our testing has not shown any negative side-effects to changing the order of the PATH, but I make this suggestion cautiously.

Features that DON'T work on any 64-bit operating system (x64 or Itanium)

DTS: You cannot run DTS packages in 64-bit mode on x64, or at all on Itanium. Therefore you also cannot use the Execute DTS 2000 Package task in these circumstances. Of course on x64 you can run DTS packages, or SSIS packages that run DTS packages, in 32-bit mode, after manually installing the optional DTS run-time support.

Excel, Access, Jet: You have to run packages that use the Jet provider (Access and Excel) in 32-bit mode.

SQL Server Compact: You have to run packages that use the SQL Server Compact provider in 32-bit mode.

Logging to SQL Server Profiler: You can only use package logging to SQL Server Profiler in 32-bit mode.

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