BI xPress


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BI xPress is an SSIS and SSAS tool that integrates directly into Visual Studio for developers, and has a launcher application for DBAs who prefer to not work in BIDS. It allows you to quickly build packages, install robust auditing frameworks, and helps DBAs deploy packages.

Feature Highlights

  Create more efficient, reliable packages, cubes and reports.

  Ensure your environment is performing well and not breaking best practices

  Never have to code the same code twice! Ensure team collaboration and re-usability.

  Never fear an audit or wonder what's running in your environment.

  Track down a failure faster and recover in seconds not hours with Service Level Agreement features.

Table of Contents

  Release Notes

  Setup Instructions

o   Hardware Requirements

o   Software Requirements

o   Required Permissions

  Workbench Features


o   Auditing

o   Best Practices

o   BI Compare

o   Compile Scripts

o   Config Editor

o   Config Manager

o   Data Generation

o   Deployment

o   Expressions

o   Insert Nugget

o   MDX Calculation Builder

o   Monitoring Console

o   Notification

o   Package Builder

o   Package Sorter

o   Report Mover

o   Reporting Monitoring Console

o   Snippet

o   SSIS Catalog Import

o   SSIS Unit Test

o   Visual Studio Integration

  Frequently Asked Questions