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BI xPress Server brings the auditing framework and monitoring console capabilities of the BI xPress desktop application to a web application that you host. BI xPress Server helps make it much easier to apply the auditing framework to any SSIS 2012 or 2014 Package from any machine networked to your BI xPress Server, and then share the executions using the web-based Monitoring Console.

Feature Highlights

  View Monitoring Console executions in real-time in your web browser

  Apply the Auditing Framework to SSIS 2012 and later compiled projects (*.ISPAC) in your web browser

Table of Contents

  Release Notes

  Setup Instructions

o   Hardware Requirements

o   Software Requirements

o   Required Permissions

  Managing Your Server


o   Auditing

o   Notification

o   SSIS Dashboards

o   SSIS Monitoring

o   SSRS Monitoring

o   System Dashboard

  Frequently Asked Questions