SSIS Monitoring

BI xPress Server's Monitoring Console provides users with web browser access to real time monitoring of all SSIS packages that have the Auditing Framework. Normally such information can only be obtained through debugging packages within the development environment.

Important Note:

The Monitoring Console will only monitor SSIS package executions that have either had the Auditing Framework applied to them or were imported using the SSIS Catalog Import Feature.

Precedence constraints within containers currently are not supported within the Monitoring Console. This limitation has absolutely no impact on package executions.

Feature Highlights

  Watch packages as they execute in real time

Table of Contents

  Package Execution

  Execution Diagram

BI xPress Server's Monitoring console is divided into five main panels: Package Execution, Execution Diagram, Errors and Warnings, Variables, and Connection Panels. The Package Execution panel allows a quick summary of the most recent executions as well as control over which execution is currently being displayed. The Execution Diagram shows a visual representation of both the control and data flow as well as further details. Besides the Package Execution and the Execution Diagram, there are three other, smaller, panels that provide details regarding the executions: error and warnings, variables, and connections panels.

1.   Errors and Warnings: The errors and warnings panel provides details of all errors and warnings thrown by the currently selected package, making it easier to troubleshooting problem packages.

2.   Variables: The variables panel displays a time line of all changes to user variables within the currently selected package.

3.   Connections: The connections panel provides details of all present connection managers within the currently selected package.