Frequently Asked Questions

Workbench Server Frequently Asked Questions

  Managing Your Workbench Server Server through Administration

  How do I activate or upgrade my installation of Workbench Server?

  How do I configure a custom user accessible URL for use with Workbench Server?

  How do I deactivate my installation of Workbench Server?

  How do I manage my user account information?

  What are the system requirements for Workbench Server to work properly?

  Workbench Server Multi-domain Considerations

BI xPress Server Frequently Asked Questions

  How do I performance optimize my N-Tier SSIS Packages for use with the Auditing Framework?

  How do I create a Visual Studio Team Services' Personal Access Token for use within the Notification Engine?

  Installing the BI xPress Server database to an AlwaysOn High Availability Group

  Using BI xPress Server with AlwaysOn High Availability Groups

  What are the BI xPress Server trial limitations?