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Insert Code Slice

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Insert Code Slice

CodeSlice allows users the ability to add Script component and tasks to their SSIS Packages directly from within their development environment.

Table of Contents

  Select Slice

  Enter Name

  Configure Parameters

  Select Connections

  Configure Variables

After installing CodeSlice, CodeSlice can be launched by right-clicking anywhere within the design surface of the control or data flow and selecting the "Insert Code Slice..."

Once CodeSlice has loaded, there will be a series of pages that will help users configure the slice for their package. These pages change depending on the slice that the user wishes to add to their control or data flow. For example, some slices may not require parameters or connection managers. In those cases, the "Configure Parameters" or "Select Connections" will not be displayed.

1.   Select Slice: Allows users the ability to select the programming language and which slice they will be configuring

2.   Enter Name: Provides the user with options for editing the name, description, and (if applicable) the ability to map an input for data flow transform and destination slices

3.   Configure Parameters: If the currently selected slice contains parameters, the Configure Parameters page provides users the ability to configure those parameters

4.   Select Connections: If the currently selected slice requires connection manager(s), the Select Connections page providers users the ability to map existing package or project connection managers found within the SSIS Package

5.   Configure Variables: Provides the user with the ability to configure which variable(s) will be available to the code slice

Navigating between the above pages can be done by using the previous and next buttons located on the lower right of each page