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Select Slice

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Select Slice

The Select Slice page allows users the ability to select the programming language and which slice they will be configuring. The slices displayed here are design surface dependent, so depending on whether or not the user is adding a slice to the control or data flow, only slices for that specific design surface will be displayed.

1.   Lanuage: The programming language the user wishes the slice to generate the script component or task with. Users can choose between C# and VB

2.   Slice: The name of the slice that will be used to generate the script component or task.

3.   Description: A brief description of the selected slice

4.   Author: The author that originally created the selected slice

5.   License: The license agreement that the user agrees to when he or she generates a script using the selected slice

Once a slice has been selected, users can proceed to the next page.