Creating a New Test Project

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Creating a New Test Project

1.  Within Visual Studio, click File > New > Project... to launch the New Project window

2.   In the New Project Window, expand the Installed Templates tree and select Visual C#

3.   Scroll down and select the either the LegiTest Project MSTest, NUnit or NUnit3 Test template. For help understanding the differences, see the 'Choosing a Test Framework' topic.

Important Note

NUnit tests are shown in the Visual Studio Text Explorer window because the NUnit project type includes a reference to the 'NUnitTestAdapter' MuGet package. This allows the Visual Studio test framework to discover and run NUnit tests. When switching a project from MSTest to NUnit, be sure to add a reference to the NUnitTestAdapter NuGet package. Further instructions on doing that can be found here.

4.   Provide a meaningful name for the LegiTest Project and then click OK.

Helpful Tip

It is advisable to end the project name in 'Tests', as a lot of continuous integration systems will, by default, run tests in assemblies with the word Tests in them.