Load Directory Content

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Load Directory Content

The load directory content action loads the content of a directory into a grid. This can be useful for verifying that a list of files matches an expected set, or for use within data driven testing to allow a test to be run for each file in a directory.

Directory reference - This is the directory reference asset that stores the path to the directory to load. Click on the arrow to select the asset to use.

Resource key - This is the resource key of the grid that will be loaded.

Include files in sub-directories - Tick this to load files in sub-directories as well as the selected path.

Wild card - This is the wild card used to select files - it could be of the form '*.txt' or 'Report*.*'. For more complicated restrictions, use the filter.

Edit filter - Use this button to edit the filter of files to load. For more information about filtering, please see the filtering topic.