Load Flat File Data

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Load Flat File Data

The load flat file data action will load flat file data into a resource key for comparison / validation.

The load flat file data action loads data from the following types of asset:

  Delimited File Reference

  Delimited Content

  Fixed Width File Reference

Load Flat File Data Editor

Flat data - The Delimited File Reference Asset, Delimited Content Asset or Fixed Width File Reference Asset that contains the information about the file to load.

Resource Key - Name of the resource key to store the results in.

Low memory mode - If true, then the grid is loaded in low memory mode - meaning that the data is stored in a temporary file.

Edit Filter - Pressing this button will bring up the filtering window that allows a SQL-like filter expression to be applied to select data.

Selected columns - This area allows the user to select which columns will be loaded from the flat file data.