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Process Cube

The Process cube action helps bring a cube to a fully processed state. This action helps prepare a test by ensuring it is only testing against an updated cube.

Important Note

The Process Cube action supports the following model types using the listed compatibilty levels:

  Multidimensional Model with compatibility level 1050 and higher

  Tabular Model with compatibility levels below 1200

Use the Process Table action to process Tabular tables set to compatibility levels 1200 or higher.

Once the editor has loaded, the user will need to input the following properties:

1.   Server: The server location for the cube the user is planning to process. Click "Connect" to load all cubes stored on the server.

2.   Process Mode: Users can choose which processing mode to use depending on their preferences:

o   Default: Does the smallest amount of work required to bring the selected cube to a fully processed state

o   Full: Discards the data from the selected cube and completely rebuilds it

o   Data: Discards the data from the selected cube and rebuilds the data without building indexes

o   Clear: Discards the data from the selected cube

o   Index: Rebuilds the indexes for the selected cube. This requires the cube to already have its data built

o   Defrag: Optimizes the selected cube

3.   Fail on Process Fail: Determins if the test should also fail if the process cube action fails

4.   Selected: Displays the currently selected cube.

5.   Server Tree: After connecting, the server tree displays all available cubes.