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Process Database

The Process Database action helps bring a cube to a fully processed state. This action helps prepare a test by ensuring it is only testing against an updated database.

Once the editor has loaded, the user will need to input the following properties:

1.   Server: The server location for the database the user is planning to process. Click "Connect" to load all databases stored on the server.

2.   Process Mode: Users can choose which processing mode to use depending on their preferences:

o   Default: Does the smallest amount of work required to bring the selected database to a fully processed state

o   Full: Discards the data from the selected database and completely rebuilds it

o   Clear: Discards the data from the selected database

3.   Fail on Process Fail: Determins if the test should also fail if the process database action fails

4.   Selected: Displays the currently selected database.

5.   Server Tree: After connecting, the server tree displays all available databases.