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Project Organization

LegiTest projects are basically C# projects and are organized very similarly. There are a few different types of file that can be added and are handled specially within LegiTest projects:

  LegiTest group (.legitestGroup)

These files define a single LegiTest group. LegiTest, in previous releases, used suite files (.legitest) which contained many groups. To allow a better organization of projects the group files were added. This has particular benefits for any teams using source control. With groups in individual files it becomes much less likely that a complicated merge is required when more than one person is working on a project. A group file will emit a single C# class that contains the tests that are defined.

  LegiTest settings file (.legitestSettings)

Settings files come in two types - settings and project settings. Settings files contain parameters and their values - and there can be more than one if desired. For more information on settings files see the help topic here. A project can only contain one project settings file - and the project settings file defines both the server that the project is associated with and the test framework type.

  Asset file (.asset)

Asset files are used to define assets that are generally useful across multiple groups / suites. They are the same as assets defined within suites / groups / tests but defined at the project level. This gives the benefit that they are easier to change in isolation (i.e. changing one asset doesn't mean that the suite / group file has to be check in to source control) and they give us a better way to organize the data within our projects. More information on assets can be found here and here.

Helpful Tip

Folders in the solution can be used to group all types of item together. A large testing project with many groups, assets and settings can become hard to manage unless it is well organized.