Read Historical Results

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Read Historical Results

The Read Historical Results actions allows a user to specify a past run of an assert, grab that results, and compare it to a more recent or previous result. This will allow a user to compare results over time to and keep track of test quality over time.

Important Note

The Read Historical Results action only works with test suites / groups that publish their results to LegiTest Server or LegiTest Online. For more information about server integration, please see the topic here.

Read Historical Results Editor

Source Element - Clicking the Select Source Element will bring up a selection diaogue to allow the user to select an assert from the suite / group.

Target Resource Key - The name assigned to the result that is stored in the Test Resources.

Retrieval Mode - There are three retrieval modes available to choose from:


Retrieve result from the most recent test run - This option will get the result from the very last time this assert was run.

Retrieve result from a previous test run - This option will bring up another option to be filled in: Number of Runs. This field determines which run to get, 1 would be the previous run, 2 would be two runs ago and so on.

Retrieve the result from a test run between two dates/times - This option will bring up two new fields, Start Date  and End Date. Here a user will select a start and end time for searching for a result, then the first assert in that time frame will be used.

Default Result Source - The default result source is used when the action is not able to retrieve an existing assert in the options provided