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Salesforce Connection

The Salesforce Connection asset provides the user with an easy way to create a connection to their Salesforce source. The editor also allows the user to set up a connection through a proxy.

Salesforce Connection Editor

User Name -  The Salesforce user name.

Password + Security Token - This field requires both the password and the security token provided by salesforce to be enetered together.

Server Url - An optional field to specify the server that hosts the connection.

Timeout - The amount of time to wait before the connection times out.

Use Proxy - Check to enable the use of the proxy settings below.

Proxy Host - The address of the proxy to be used.

Proxy Domain - Domain address of the proxy.

Proxy User Name - User name used to log into the proxy.

Proxy Password -  Password to log into the proxy.

Proxy Port - Port specified to be used by the proxy connection.

Test Connection - Clicking test connection, will test the current settings and ensure they can connect.