Scalar Comparison

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Scalar Comparison

Important Note

The Scalar Comparison assertion is now deprecated. While existing projects can still continue to use it, new products should migrate to using the Value Comparison assertion.

The scalar comparison takes the result of an execute scalar action and compares with either a static value or another scalar result. The scalar values can be of several different types, each with their own specifications of equality.

Scalar Comparison Editor

Comparable Resource Key - If the user does not opt to use a static value to compare against, this is where the resource key for the dynamic value will be entered.

Comparable Value Source - Specify whether to use a static value or a dynamic value from another resource key.

Comparison Type - Specify the type of the value to be compared:




  Floating Point




Equality Type - Specify the equality type of Equal, Not Equal, Within Percent Tolerance, or Within Fixed Tolerance.

Resource Key - The value to be compared.

Tolerance - Used to specify fixed or percent tolerance for certain value types.