Command Line

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Command Line

If Workbench Server was not installed in the default location, or the installation is later moved, the user will need to update the configuration file for LegiTest Command Line. This configuration file is located by default at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Pragmatic Works\Workbench Server\LegiTest Command Line\PragmaticWorks.LegiTest.CommandLine.exe.config

The section that will need updating will look like this:


       <add key="NUnitTestRunnerLocation" value="%programfiles(x86)%\NUnit 2.6.3\bin\nunit-console.exe" />

       <add key="MSTestRunnerLocation" value="%programfiles(x86)%\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE\CommonExtensions\Microsoft\TestWindow\vstest.console.exe" />

       <add key="schtasks.exe" value="%windir%\System32\schtasks.exe" />

       <add key="LegiTestCommandLine" value="%programfiles(x86)%\Pragmatic Works\Workbench Server\LegiTest Command Line\PragmaticWorks.LegiTest.CommandLine.exe" />


The value for each respective key will need to be changed if any of the following scenarios occur:


A different version of NUnit is being used.

the installation of NUnit is moved.


A version other than Visual Studio 2013 is being used.

The installation of Visual Studio 2013 is moved.


The default location for Workbench Server is not used.

The installation of Workbench Server is moved.

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