Command Switches

Command Switches

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Command Line Switches

LegiTest Server can perform many actions with the command line tool. The tool is found in the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Pragmatic Works\Workbench Server\LegiTest Command Line. Double-click the file PragmaticWorks.LegiTest.CommandLine.exe.


  -ArgsForServer, -la            Args of for server initiated run, used for server.

  -AssemblyName, -an              Name of Assembly to run from server.

  -DllLocation, -d                        Location of the test suite assembly.

  -Help, -h                              Displays the help text.

  -Host, -lh                              Host server

  -MsTestLocation, -ml            MSTest Location.

  -NUnitLocation, -nl            NUnit Location.

  -Server, -ls                            Used by LegiTest Server Scheduler

  -TestGroup, -tg                Specifies which Test Groups to run, separated by a comma.

  -UniqueIdForServer, -li            UniqueId of TestSuite, used for server.

  -MainAssembly, -ma        Used when pushing assemblies to the server. This will be the path to the executing assembly, and stored as the entry point on the server.

  -AssemblyFolder, -af          Specifies a folder containing the assemblies to push to the server. All files in this folder will be compressed and pushed to the server.


  -MsTest, -m              Enable for MSTest.

  -NUnit, -n                      Enable for NUnit.