Custom User Accessible URL

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Custom User Accessible URLs

By default, Workbench Server's setup instructions require either the machine name or the fully-qualified machine name to be used as the user accessible URL for which users will type into their web browser's address bar in order to access Workbench Server. If the user wishes to use a custom user accessible URL, this would require additional configuration post installation in order for it to work.

Important Note:

The following configuration steps are designed for basic custom user accessible URLs within an intranet and should only be attempted by domain and web administrators. Pragmatic Works is not responsible for any issues that may occur due to modifications to your organization's DNS.

1.   Follow the Setup Instructions for Workbench Server. Make sure the user accessible URL and host name are set to the default value as set within the installer. Everything else within the setup instruction can be customized as per the user's environment.

2.   Once Workbench Server has been installed, on the host server, launch Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

3.   In the Connections panel, expand the Sites node and then select the Workbench Server site. Depending on the settings the user configured during installation, the site's name may be different then what is shown below

4.   In the Actions panel, click the "Bindings..." action to open the Site Bindings dialog box

5.   In the Site Bindings dialog box, click the "Add..." button to launch the Add Site Binding dialog box

6.   In the Add Site Binding dialog box, type the host header that the user wishes to use to connect within the Workbench Server then click OK

7.   Once all of the site bindings have been configured, within the Manage Website portion of the Actions panel, click "Restart" to restart the Workbench Server site

8.   Once Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager has been configured, connect to the intranet DNS Server

9.   On the DNS Server, launch Server Manager

10.   In the Server Manager snap-in, from the console tree in the left pane, expand the DNS Server name

11.   From the expanded list, double-click on Forward Lookup Zones

12.   From the displayed zones list, click on the DNS zone that contains the host server that Workbench Server is installed on

13.   Once selected, right-click the DNS zone and select "New Alias (CNAME)..."

14.   Within the New Resource Record dialog box, use the alias name configured in Step 6 and use the fully qualified machine name that Workbench Server was installed on as the target host then click OK

From there, Workbench Server should now be configured to use a custom user accessible URL.

In some rare cases, if the user still cannot connect, they may need to flush their DNS Resolver Cache. To flush the DNS Resolver Cache, users should follow the below steps

1.   Launch Command Prompt

2.   Type the following command within the Command Prompt window and press Enter
       ipconfig /flushdns