Grid Asserts Hyperlinks

Grid Asserts Hyperlinks

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Grid Asserts Hyperlinks

Users can add hyperlinks to help manage test(s) the grid/validation assertion belongs to. For grid comparisons, users can add a hyperlink per side (actual and expected hyperlink.) Validation grids have only have one hyperlink.

To access the Edit Hyperlinks page, drill down to the test and click the wrench icon.

The user is presented with the Manage Test page and presented with the Edit Hyperlink option at the bottom.

After  Edit Hyperlinks is clicked, the configurable options will appear:

Note: Grid comparisons will have one hyperlink per side (actual and expected.) However, validation grids will only have one hyperlink. Both are configured in the same manner.

  Column Name - Identifies the name a user wishes to call the column.

  Link - Creates the fully qualified link for users to click. The DotLiquid syntax can be used.

  Text - Identifies the text to be displayed for the hyperlink. DotLiquid may also be used to display a column.

If DotLiquid is used for an object that does not exist, the user will not see a return as it is an empty string. For more information about DotLiquid syntax, please see their page at