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Publishing Assemblies

Before a user will be able to run or schedule tests from the server, they must first push the assemblies of the test to the server. When a user is expecting to run tests from the server, they must ensure they have added references to all used dlls.

To push test assemblies to the server:

1.   Right click the project you wish to push to the server.

2.   Click "Publish to LegiTest Server".

3.   This will open up the publish to server window:

With this window, we will be able to specify how and where to publish the assemblies and results.

Target - The target will either be an existing LegiTest Server such as "http://localhost" or it can be a folder on the system.  Setting the target as a LegiTest server instance will allow the user to run the tests from the server.

Results Mode - The result mode will alow a user to set all, some, or no suites to be published. The options are as follows:

   Set all suites to publish results - As the name suggest, this will change the publish results parameter to true for all suites in the current project.

   Set all suites not to publish results - This will change the publish results parameter to false for all suites in the current project.

   Do not change suite settings - This will keep all publish results parameters set to what they are currently at, allowing a user to specify which suites will publish results.

   Remove suites settings to inherit global configuration - This will ignore all suite specific parameters for publishing, and use a parameters file located in the common area.

Results Server - The server in which to publish results to.

Configuration - Allows the user to specify if the Release or Debug configuration should be pushed to the Target location.

Run tests immediately after publish - This options will run the pushed assemblies from the server once the assemblies are pushed to the server. If left unchecked, the assemblies will still be pushed to the server, but will not have any run associated with untill it is manually run from the server or client.

Once these settings are selected and the user clicks ok, the required parameters for publishing will be updated and the assemblies will be pushed. This allows the users a very flexible way of choosing the location of all assemblies and results, and managing a project with multiple suites.

Publishing Assemblies with the LegiTest CommandLine

User's can also push assemblies using the included LegiTest CommandLine tool. To do so, the following switches must be used:

-lh: This will be the server in which to push the assemblies.

-ma: This is the path to the main assembly. This assembly will be the one used to execute tests when ran from the server.

-af: This is the path to the folder that contains the assemblies to be pushed. This will be all assemblies required by the main assembly to run succesfully.


-lh "localhost" -ma "C:/ToPublish/LegiTestProject.dll" -af "C:/ToPublish"