Scheduling Test Assemblies

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Scheduling Test Assemblies

If the user wishes to have their Test Assemblies run on a schedule, then they can click the green calendar button by the assemblies name in the LegiTest dashboard. This will bring the user to the scheduling page. Once done scheduling, the user will be brough back to the LegiTest Dashboard.

Task Name - This will be the name assigned to the task within Window's Task Scheduler.

Server -  The name of the server this will be run on, the default is localhost.

User -  The Windows user in which the task is run under.

Password - The password for the Windows username supplied previously.

Start Date - This will be the first date in which the task is run.

Start Time - At what time of day is the task to be run, in 24 hour format.

Interval - Set whether to run every hour, every day, every week, or every month. This interval will start from the supplied start date and start time.