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With a quick glance at the name of the test object, a user can see it's status from the last run by looking at the symbol next to it. On the right side of the table, Pass/Fail data from the last run is also summarized so a user can see how many items passed or failed.

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  Tagging Test Objects

  Viewing Grid Asserts

On the far right, there is an icon, clicking will allow the user to add a notification to the BixPress Server's Notification Engine.

When a user clicks on a test object they will be brought to run history page, unless the item they click is a Test. Clicking a Test will either bring the user to the details page of the first failed assert if applicable, or the run details page if the Test is part of a Data Driven run. This will allow the user to quickly see all tests run while data driven.

From here, a user can then get further detail on any particular run by either clicking on the run in the graph or the data table. The run detail page will show the entire test tree from the point selected. A user can quickly see what items passed or failed from this page for that particular run.

If an item has more detailed information to view, such as an assert, or an error for that particular step was thrown, a "View Details" link will be accessible for that item. Viewing a completed assert will take you to a page showing what the assert was comparing, it's actual and expected result, and if it had passed or failed. This view also shows the user any parameters that were used if it was a data driven run.

Viewing a failed item will allow the user to view the error thrown as to get further insight into what went wrong with the test step.

Viewing unexecuted assemblies:

The summary page has two views. The first, and default is the Summary view. The second view, is the Unexecuted Assemblies view. This view will list all assemblies that have been pushed to the server, but have yet to be executed. Users can execute these tests from this view, and once complete, their results will be pushed over the Summary view and removed from the Unexecuted Assemblies view.