Users / Workbench Server

Users / Workbench Server

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User / Workbench Server in Different Domains

Important Note:

Pragmatic Works Software does NOT provide support nor do we suggest this scenario

Almost all of the modifications require altering operating system, Internet Information Services, and domain settings. Proceed with caution and always make a backup before modifying anything.

The methods described below are for advanced IT administrators who are comfortable with and have been allowed to alter any required settings and/or security protocols.  These helpful hints are only for illustrative purposes and each environment will have its own unique requirements and hurdles.

Hosting Workbench Server on a computer that's in a different domain than the users that will be accessing it presents some challenges in making sure that both domains have a trust relationship.  The following Microsoft TechNet article illustrates Domain Trust and how to implement it:  Once a trust has been established between domains, the domain users that should be allowed access must be granted permission to access Workbench Server.  This can be done in the Internet Information Services Manager.  See Step 14 in our Setup Instructions.