Advanced Conditional Split

Advanced Conditional Split

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Advanced Conditional Split Transform

The "Advanced Conditional Split Transform" is used to conditionally route rows to different outputs depending on the expression defined by using columns, variables, and expressions.

Column Browser

Located on the left hand side, the column browser window shows you all the available columns, variables and connections that can be used as part of a derived column expression. Clicking on each plus sign next to each group in the tree view will expand that group of items. Any item from the column browser can be dragged into an expression in the column grid below.

Functions Browser

Located on the right hand side, he functions browser window lists all of the available functions that can be used in the advanced derived column (as well as any of the expressions based tasks). All functions are grouped into an appropriate group (e.g. Character, Data Cleansing) based on what the function either does or returns. For instance, the character function Left is listed under the "Character" group because it performs operations on a set of characters or a string. Clicking on a function will give you a description, syntax overview, and examples on how to use the function.

Available Functions List

For a list of all available functions, along with syntax, descriptions, and examples, see the Functions List page.

Output Grid

The bottom window which is the output grid allows you to define conditional split expressions to route rows matching the expression for that output.

General Tab

 Name - The name of the column or expression.

 Expression - This is the expression used to conditionally split the rows of data

"Validate All" Button

The "Validate All" button will evaluate all of the expressions and check if they have errors. An error or warning icon will appear if there are any issues with the expressions.

"Test Expression (Using Placeholder Values)" Button

This button will create temporary values based on the data type and execute the expression that is currently selected in the grid. To test the expression by entering your own values use the expression editor.

Default Output Name

This is the name of the output where any rows that do not match any of the expressions will be routed.