Advanced Email and SMS

Advanced Email and SMS

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Advanced Email and SMS Task

See the Email Connection Manager page to learn more about setting up the connection manager.

 SMTP Connection - The email connection manager used to send the message.

 Subject - The subject of the email being sent.

 From - The email address being used to send the email.

 To - The email addresses or SMS addresses the email will be sent to.

 Priority - The message's level of importance.

 CC - The "carbon copy" email addresses.

 BCC - The "blind carbon copy" email address.

 Message Source - The source of the message being sent.

o  Direct Input - Uses the message created in the HTML or Plain Text editor in the UI.

o  File - Uses the file in the "File Connection Manager" selected. You will be able to edit the file content within the UI. When you click the "OK" button the file contents are replaced with the contents within the HTML editor or Plain Text editor.

o  Variable - Uses the text contained within the variable selected. The variable text can be edited within the UI. When the "OK" button is clicked the variable contents are replaced with the contents within the HTML editor or the Plain Text editor.

 Attachments - Attachments sent with the email. When using variable expressions to send more than one file, use a pipe delimiter or | to separate each file's path. (Example: C:\users\me\File1.txt|C:\users\me\File2.txt)

 Use Plain Text Email - Selecting this checkbox will remove the HTML editor from the UI and add a Plain Text Editor

 Variable Window - The package level user variables and system variables can be used within the message being sent. The place holder is replaced with the value of the variables. You can add a variable by clicking page icon to the right of the variable name and then pasting it into the message body.

You can use the HTML editor to edit the body of an HTML email.

Preview Tab

From the preview tab you will be able to see what your email or SMS will look like.