Change Tracking

Change Tracking

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Dynamics CRM Source Change Tracking

The Dynamics CRM Source allows organizations to synchronize their data with external data sources. Users can track when a change occurs by selecting the "Get Changes" toggle. Before using this feature, users must first enable the feature.

 Go to the entity to be tracked.

 Go to Customizations > Customize the System.

 Select an entity, and under Data Services, select the Change Tracking check box.

Before using this feature, please note the following:

 Change Tracking is an entity-level setting that must be enabled before using. This must be enabled for each entity the users wish to track changes.

  A change token is also required for each individual entity. (For example: the Accounts entity token will be different than the Contacts token.)

  Lookup field properties are not returned.

  The data is returned in their current status. The pre-change status is not returned.

  Users accounts must be granted the organization level read privileges for each tracked entity.

For more information on enabling your Dynamics CRM instance, please see the MSDN article

Note: The "changetype" and "entityid" columns are added to the end of the output when the Get Changes option is selected.