Connection Managers

Connection Managers

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Connection Managers

Once Task Factory is installed you will have access to new connection managers. You can add these like you would do any other connection manager, once selected as your new connection manage you will be presented with the manager's options.

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  Advanced Lookup Cache

  Azure Storage

  Dynamics CRM

  Dynamics OData



  Hadoop WebHDFS


  Rest Source

  Rest Source OAuth2

oRest Source OAuth2 Configuration Files

Rest Source OAuth2 Sample Configuration File

  Secure FTP


  Social OAuth

Creating a New Connection Manager

1.   With SQL Server Data Tools or BIDS open, navigate to your Solution Explorer Window, and right click the Connection Managers folder, then click New Collection Manager.

2.   The "Add SSIS Connection Manager" window opens with all available connection managers. If you look at the Description you will be able to see "Connection manager for Task Factory..." which denotes the task factory connection managers. Once you find the one you want, click "Add...", you will then be able to configure that connection manager.