Dimension Merge SCD

Dimension Merge SCD

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Dimension Merge SCD Transform

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  Memory Optimize Property

  Existing Dimension Input Tab

  Column Mapping Tab

  Row Change Detection Tab

   SCD2 Date Handling Tab

   Surrogate Key Handling Tab

   Inferred Member Behavior Tab

   Output Column Selection Tab

   Auditing Tab

   Logging Tab

   Performance Tab

New for version The introduction of the Memory Optimized property. This is a significant change and we encourage all users to please read the Memory Optimized Property section before configuring the component.

The Dimension Merge SCD Transform is a custom Data Flow component used within SSIS to handle slowly changing dimension processing commonly used in Data Warehouses. While SSDT/BIDS provides a standard SCD component, users may experience limitations such as:

 Slow performance

 Re-running the SCD Wizard can destroy parts of the data flow

 Cannot be used against all data providers

 Difficulty in troubleshooting the standard component’s decision making abilities

Task Factory’s Dimension Merge SCD Transform maintains the functionality of the original SCD component while also providing:

 Better performance

 Non-destructive editing capabilities

 The ability to use a variety of data providers

 Improved UI that empowers users to customize the component’s configuration and view/troubleshoot decision-making

 Input/Output auditing

 Improved logging capabilities

Introducing the Sample Data

Introducing the Sample SSIS Package

Loading the Dimension Table with the SCD Wizard

Loading the Dimension Table with the T-SQL MERGE Command

Loading the Dimension Table with the Dimension Merge SCD Component