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Dynamics CRM

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Dynamics CRM Source

The Dynamics CRM Source reads data from the entities in a Microsoft Dynamics Server. See the Dynamics CRM Connection Manager or the Dynamics OData Connection Manager pages to learn more about setting up the connection manager.

Task Factory currently supports the following versions of Dynamics CRM:






Choose Columns

 Connection - Create or select a connection manage for the Dynamics CRM server.

 Query Type - Determines "where" to look for the Dynamics Entity:

o   Entity - Selects the "standard" entities in Dynamics such as Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, etc.Views are selected in the Dynamics Entity drop-down.

o   Personal View - Allows users to select custom views. Views are selected in the Dynamics Entity drop-down.

o   System View -  Allows users to select all non-custom views within the Dynamics CRM system.

 Dynamics Entity - Displays a list of entities form which the source can read.

 Batch Size  - The Batch Size field determines the number of rows that will be retrieved during a single round trip to the Dynamics server. The default value is 500.

 Get Changes - Toggle for users to track changes/updates for synchronization. (Filters cannot be used when selecting this option.) For more information, please see our Change Tracking page. Note: Get Changes can only be used when the Entity Query Type is selected.

 Tracking Token Variable - Identifies the variable that stores the (required) change.

 Choose Columns - Once an entity is selected, the available columns are displayed. Columns can be ignored by unchecking the corresponding box in the "Include in Output" column.


 Filter - Filters can be set so that users can customize the data that is returned.

oSteps to adding filters:

 Click the add icon ("+")

 Choose the column to be filtered

 Select the parameter (e.g. Begins with, Greater than, Less than, etc.)

 Define the value in the <enter a value> box. (Variable replacements can be used with the following syntax: <User::MyVariableName>.)

 Click the word "And" if "Or" filter is needed to be added.

 Preview Data - Opens a new window that displays the data based on the entity and conditions (if configured.)

 Refresh Metadata - Updates the component with the most current metadata.