Excel Power Refresh

Excel Power Refresh

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Excel Power Refresh Task

The "Excel Power Refresh Task" is a control flow component that refreshes an Excel file with Power Query connections and Power Pivot tables.

Important Note

Microsoft Office must be installed on the environment where the package is located.

Excel Power Refresh is available for SQL versions 2012 and higher.

  Excel 2013 File - Defines the path to the Excel file to be refreshed.

  Refresh All Connections and Sheets? - Toggle that selects all Power Query Connections and Pivot tables within the Excel file.

  Execution Timeout (Seconds) - Defines the allotted time for the refresh to execute in seconds. (Note: the timeout cannot be used for connections that prompt users for their credentials.)

  Power Query Connections - Users can select individual connections to be refreshed in the selected Excel file.

  Power Pivot Sheets - Users can select individual Power Pivot tables to be refreshed in the selected Excel file.



Important Note

If needed, please see the page for Configuring Excel Power Refresh for Sql Agent Jobs.