Expression Editor

Expression Editor

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How do I use the Expression Editor?

The "Expression Editor" is used to create and edit expressions that will be used in any expression engine in a Task Factory task.

UI Overview

 Columns / Variables Tab - The "Columns/Variables" tab list all of the columns available for the current component being edited, the variables and parameters and the connection managers available for the package. The columns node will also list any variable expressions defined for the current component. Any icon in the tree view that has a green icon next to it means it is being used by an expression.

 Functions Tab - The "Functions" tab lists all of the available functions that can be used in the advanced derived column. All functions are grouped into an appropriate group based on what the function either does or returns.

 Expression Editor - The "Expression Editor" is used to define the expression for the column or variable expression. The syntax highlighting makes it easy to recognize the functions you are using in the expression. You can use multi-line expressions and add comments to your expressions by using the /* */ syntax. Any column, connect, or function can be dragged and dropped from the tree view to the Expression window.

 Validate / Test Expression Buttons - The expression editor allows you to validate and test your expressions during design time. The results will appear in the Result tab.