Fact Table

Fact Table

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Fact Table Destination

The "Fact Table Destination" gives developers the ability to perform all of the lookups required to insert or update a fact table.

Azure Users

Please see the Azure Support page for more information before using this component with Azure databases.

  Destination Connection Manager - Creates or selects a connection to the destination database (must be SQL Server 2008 or above)

  Fact Table Name - Selects the destination fact table

  Destination Actions

o   Insert - Users select this option to insert rows to the fact table

o   Update - Users select this option to update rows in the fact table

  Dimension Lookups

o   Add Lookup - Creates a new lookup ready for configuration

o   Remove Lookup - Removes the selected lookup

  Dimension Table For Key Lookup - Selects the dimension table for each lookup

  Alias - Users can assign an alias for the selected dimension table (should be used for performing multiple lookups on the same dimension.)

  Columns From Lookup

o   Include - Selects the column(s) to be used for destination column mapping

o   Column - The name of the column

o   Column Alias - Users can create a column alias

o   Default Value - Users can assign a value to replace NULLs

  Configure Dimension Table Join Conditions To Source Data

o   And - Click the expand button to create join condition(s). All lookups require a condition to be configured

  Lookup Failure Action (Set to each lookup)

o   Set To Default - NULLs in the lookup are replaced with the default value defined in the Columns From Lookup

o   Fail - NULLs in the lookup causes the component to fail execution

  Destination Column Mappings

o   Key - Selects the key(s) needed when performing updates

o   Input Column - The user selected input column to be mapped to the destination

o   Destination Column - Name of the destination column

Scripts - Users can write custom TSQL queries to be performed before or after each buffer.