File Gateway Task

File Gateway Task

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File Gateway Task

The "File Gateway Task" gives users the ability to validate delimited files before performing a downstream action on the selected file.

Important Note

File Gateway is available for SQL versions 2012 and higher.

Column Delimiter - Identifies the character used to distinguish between columns. Users can select between comma, vertical bar (aka "pipes"), semicolon, colon, or tabs (\t).

Column Names In First Row - This option should be selected if the file contains column names in the first row.

Row Delimiter - This option identifies the performance that creates a new row. Users can select between carriage return line feed (CrLf), line feed only (Linefeed), and carriage return (CarriageReturn.)

Text Character - Identifies whether row data is wrapped in single or double quotes.

Index - Identifies the order (zero-based) of the columns.

Name - Users can set or rename columns.

Type - Users can set the column data type.

File Validation

Users can build "rules" for validation of the file before row processing begins. Users make such requirements as the file size should be equal to, greater than, or less than a specified size (in kilobytes), a specified number of column headers or rows, or the file's last modified date occurred on, before, or after a specific date. Users should note that multiple conditions can be created to validate the file.

Row Validation

Users can build "rules" that each row must follow. For example, if a column should not contain null, users can add an "Is Not Null" condition for that column. If a NULL is found during the scan, the validation would fail causing the File Gateway Task to fail and, ultimately, the package to fail.


Using the File Gateway Task -