Filter Rows

Filter Rows

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Filter Rows Transform

The "Filter Rows Transform" is used to filter rows from an upstream based on an expression.

 Column Browser - Located in the top left, the column browser show all available columns, variable and connections that can be used as part of a derived column expression.

 Functions Browser - Located in the top right, the functions browser lists all of the available functions that can be used in the advanced derived column.

 Filter Grid - The filter grid allows you to define a single expression to filter rows matching the expression

o  Name - This is the name of the output where any rows that do not match any of the expression will be routed

o  Expression - This is the expression used to filter the rows of data

 Validate All - The validate all button will evaluate all of the expressions and check if the expression have errors. An error or warning icon will appear if there are any issues with the expressions.

 Test Expression - This button will create temporary values based on the data type and execute the expression that is currently selected in the grid.

Available Functions List

For a list of all available functions, along with syntax, descriptions, and examples, see the Functions List page.