Hash Transform

Hash Transform

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Hash Transform

The "Hash Transform" is used for creating sets of hash values as new output columns from one or more input column.

  Output Columns

o   Add Column - Creates a new output column output with the hashed value once configured

o   Remove Column - Removes the currently selected column

o   Output Column - The column name to be output

o   Algorithm - The hashing algorithm to be used by the output column

  Input Columns

o   Include Column - Selects the input column to be hashed

o   Input Column - The name of the input column

o   Order - When combining columns, users can change the sequential order of the input columns by clicking the up and down buttons

o   Enable Padding - Toggles the ability to include column padding in the output

o   Null Replacement Character(s) - Users can replace Input Column NULL values with a designated character

o   Separator Character(s) - When combining columns, this character will be added between the selected columns. (The pipe character "|" is used by default when no value is entered.)