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Marketo Connection Manager

Used with the Marketo Source and Marketo Destination data flow components.

Important Note

Users will need to visit Marketo's developer website to create an application before using the Marketo components. Once created, Marketo will assign the Client ID and Client Secret information needed to connect to their API.

Marketo connection manager is available for SQL versions 2012 and higher.

 Marketo Rest Identity Url - In this field, users should enter the Url of the web service they wish to connect to.

 Client ID - The application ID assigned by Marketo

 Client Secret - The secret "password" assigned by Marketo.

 Test Connection - Users can test their connection once all fields have been entered. In the pane below, connection and access token information will be displayed.

 Proxy Host - The ip address or url used when utilizing a proxy connection.

 Proxy Port - The port number that corresponds to the Url proxy host

 User Name - The username needed to authenticate to the proxy.

 Password - The password needed to authenticate to the proxy.