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Marketo Destination

The "Marketo Destination" is a data flow component that connects to the Marketo automated marketing software and allows users to insert, update, delete, and duplicate data such as Leads and Opportunities. See the Marketo Connection Manager page to learn more about setting up this component's connection manager.

Important Note

Marketo is available for SQL versions 2012 and higher.

 Connection Manager - In this field, users can create a new connection manager or select a pre-existing one.

 Destination Object - In this field, users can select between objects (such as Leads and Opportunities) within their Marketo account.

 Batch Size - In this field, users can adjust the batch size to help optimize performance. (300 is the default and maximum value allowed by the Marketo Api.)

 Action - This object selects which action the component will perform. Actions include Create (insert), Create or Update (default, upsert), Update Only, Delete, and Duplicate.

 Pause Between Round Trips (Seconds) - The number of seconds between calls to the application.

 Add Parameter - Some calls require parameters during processing. These parameters can be added with this button. (Examples: the dedupeFields parameter is needed when deduping leads..)  

 Remove Parameter - Deletes the selected item in the Object Parameters list.

 Delete By - This field identifies which "key" to use when performing a delete action.

 Object Parameters - In this window, users can configure optional and required parameters determined by the object and action being performed. Parameter values can be set dynamically by entering the variable name (example: <@User::leadID>.)

odedupeField - Determines how the dedupe will occur on the entity (eg. through an ID column or the dedupe fields.

 Column Mappings - In this window, users map the input and destination columns. (Like-named columns will be auto mapped once an object and action is defined.)

Please see the Error Row Handling page for more information about this functionality.