Pack Data Transform

Pack Data Transform

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Pack Data Transform

The "Pack Data Transform" is used to create a single column of delimited, XML, or Json data (determined by a user-defined template) from a single or multiple input columns.

Table of Contents

  Pack Transform Generating Templates


  When using multiple sources, all inputs must be sorted

Important Note

Pack Data is available for SQL versions 2012 and higher.

  Main Input - User selects the parent input.

  Packed Column - User-defined name of the column to be output with packed data

  Data Type - User can select between two data types: DT_NTEXT or DT_TEXT.

  Generate Template - Users can choose the packed data format (Delimited, XML, or Json) and the component will automatically generate a template to be used for the packed output. These templates can be adjusted and customized by the user by deleting information not used or drag-and-dropping columns from the Input Definitions window.

  Input Definitions - List of columns from the inputs

  Template - The design pane where users can view and customize the template used to generate the packed output.


  Parent Input - Selects an input to identify as the parent.

  Child Input - Selects an input to identify as the child

  Update Mapping - After connecting the two input keys, this button is clicked to update the component with the defined relationship.

  Remove Mapping - Clicking this button removes a selected relationship highlighted in the Mappings pane.

For more information about using the generate template, click the Pack Data Transform Generating Templates Quick Start Guide


Rest Destination Setup with a Pack Transform -