Performance Tab

Performance Tab

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Performance Tab

In this tab, users can alter performance settings including:

 Warning Suppression - dismisses warnings when circumstances require a condition be ignored (such as not sorting input business keys.)

 Timeout - Developers can define a time (in seconds) to end execution for debugging

 Threading - Sets the number of threads available in two pools - one for matching keys and the other for processing rows. Users can maximize processing speed by configuring the component as follows:

o   Disabled - Sets the value to 1.

o   Automatically manage thread counts - Value is set to a number based on the processor cores of the machine it is being run on. This option should be considered for smaller environments.

o   Manually specify thread count per workload type - Should be considered when running on an environment with multiple core processors. Additionally, the automatic option doesn't take into account other processes or packages that might be running, therefore, manually specifying the thread count might be a better option for larger or busy environments.

 Hashing - Security feature that allows users to determine which hash algorithm to use during processing.

 Use Memory Optimized Mode- Sets the Memory Optimized property. For more information, please see the page Memory Optimized Property,

 Guid Key Sort Algorithm - Identifies the method in which the input data is sorted when using Guid as relationship keys. (This option only appears when Guid keys are used.) The following methods can be used:

o  SQL Server Order By - Performed by using an "ORDER BY" clause within a query. Additionally, the "IsSorted" property will need to be set to true and the key sort order set. These are found in the sources' Advanced Editors (eg Ole DB Source and ADO.Net Source.)

o  Sort Transform - Configured when using the SSIS native "Sort Transform" component between the source(s) and Dimension Merge SCD transform. (Sorting is done by adding an ORDER BY clause, however, the IsSorted and SortKeyPosition should not be set within the advanced editor.)

o  .NET Guid - Configured when using .NET Guid sorting within an upstream Script Task.

o  String - Will sort Guids as strings. (Will not work with Memory Optimized mode set to true.)