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Used with Source and Destination.

 User Name (email address) - This is your log in email address for

 Password and Security Token - If you do not have your security token you must request it from You can do this by logging into your SalesForce account on their site, clicking the Setup link, and then choosing to "Reset your security token".

 Timeout (seconds) - Seconds before the connection will timeout trying to connect.


 Server URL (optional) - If you are using a sandbox account the Server URL text box needs to be changed to point to a sandbox web service URL.

 Reuse same connection across all tasks - This option allows you to use the same connection across any SalesForce task that is part of your package, that uses this connection manager.

 Number of retry attempts -  Identifies the number of attempts to reconnect to Salesforce before the component fails. This option is useful when pulling large datasets and executions fail due to timing out.

Proxy Information

Use Proxy  - If you wish to make your connection through a proxy you will first select "Use Proxy" then fill out the appropriate information below in the Proxy Information pane.

*Note - Auth Scheme will only be enabled/visible on machines that are running SQL 2008 only.