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The source is used to retrieve data from objects within an SSIS package. The data is retrieved using a SQL statement built by the source. See the Connection Manager page to learn more about setting up the connection manager.

 Connection - Here you will select a connection manager that already exists or you may choose to create one here as well.

 SalesForce Object - The name of the object that will be used to retrieve data from your account. You will be able to choose your object from the drop down list after connecting to Once your object is selected, a query is created in the text box below.

 Batch Size - Determines the number of rows that will be retrieved during a single round trip to the server.

 Include Deleted / Archived Records - Checking this option will return deleted and archived records. The "IsDeleted" column in the output will allow you to determine whether the row is "Deleted".

 Edit SalesForce Query - Checking this will make the auto filled query editable. (Note: Variable replacements can be used within queries. The syntax used is <User::MyVariableName>. For variable replacements that require the elimination of tics (''), use the syntax <User::MyVariableName, false>.
For example: SELECT <User::OpportunityId, false> FROM Opportunity)

 SalesForce Query Window - Once your object is selected, this window will be filled with a query.

 Variable Parameters - Variables here can be dragged into the query window to edit or create new queries.


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