Secure FTP

Secure FTP

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Secure FTP Connection Manager

The "SFTP Connection Manager" is used to create a connection manager with an SFTP site. Used with Secure FTP Task.

  Connection Type - There are three types of connection types that are supported


o  Explicit SFTP

o  Implicit SFTP

 Host - The IP Address or URL of the FTP server

 Port - The port used for the FTP server

 User name - The user name used to login to the FTP server

 Authenticate - Select how you will authenticate the connection.

o  By Password

o  By Key File

 Password - This option is available if By Password is selected in the "Authenticate" section

 Key File - Available if "By Key File" is selected in the "Authenticate" section. You can use the file browser to locate the file.

 Passphrase - Available if "By Key File" is selected in the "Authenticate" section.

 Timeout (secs) - The number of second before the application will stop trying to make a connection if it cannot connect.

 "Test Connection" button - Use this button to test whether a connection can be made using the settings in the general and advanced tab.

  Default Remote Directory - The default remote directory will tell the connection to change directories on the FTP server for each connection made to the server. You must use backslashes to define the directory.

 Transfer Buffer Size (bytes) - Specify the buffer size

 SSL Version - Select the SSL version

o  AutoDetect

o  SSL3

o  TLS1

o  TLS1 1

  Use binary transfer

  Use passive mode - unchecking this option will switch to active mode

  Ignore server IP - Use when the server is sending back incorrect IP addresses

  Reuse Connection Across All Tasks  - check this to make the connection reusable for all tasks

  Use Proxy  - checking this will allow the use of a proxy, to use the proxy you must fill in the information below the check box.