Setup Instructions

Setup Instructions

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Setup Instructions

Table of Contents

  Hardware Requirements

  Software Requirements

1.   After ensuring you meet the Hardware and Software Requirements, open the installer.

2.   The first install window will have you select your install destination and request you to agree to the license terms and conditions, once doing so click "Install".

3.   The install process may take several minutes, you will be able to monitor the status.

4.   After the installation is complete, you will be brought to the confirmation window. Click "Finish" to exit the installation.

Important Note

Users who choose the custom installation for the 2016 version must include the 2012 and 2014 installations (which are selected by default.)

Task Factory Post-Installation Instructions

Before you can use the Task Factory components in BIDS, you must add them to your toolbox. This is not necessary with SQL Server Data Tools (2012 and 2014).

1.   Open an SSIS package.

2.   If necessary open your toolbox(View > Toolbox).

3.   Right click the toolbox window and select "Choose Items...", please be patient while BIDS loads the "Choose Toolbox Items" Dialog box.

4.   Select the "SSIS Control Flow Items" tab and select all unselected tasks that begin with "TF". Then follow the same step with the "SSIS Data Flow Items" tab.

5.   After you have selected all Task Factory Control Flow and Data Flow Items, click "OK" to save and confirm your selections.