Social OAuth

Social OAuth

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Social OAuth Connection Manager

The "Social OAuth Connection Manager" is used to set up a connection to social media sites. This connection manager is used within the Facebook Source and Twitter Source components.

Important Note

To obtain Api Keys and Tokens, you will need to first create an app developer account by visiting Facebook and Twitter's developer websites.

Social OAuth connection manager is available for SQL versions 2012 and higher.

As of January 30, 2018, LinkedIn has been separated into its own connection manager due to their OAuth2 connection requirement. Please see LinkedIn OAuth2 Connection Manager for more information.

 Service - Select box for users to choose which social media to connect to.

 Api Key, API Secret, Token, and Token Secret - Authentication information provided to users at each social media's app developer site.

 Authentication Url - The Url (with version) of the social media site the user wants to connect to.

 Proxy Host - The ip address of the proxy the user wishes to connect through.

 Proxy Port - The port of the proxy being used.

 Proxy User Name - Users should enter their user name for the proxy if it is required.

 Proxy Password - Users should enter their password for the proxy if it is required.