Timezone Conversion

Timezone Conversion

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Timezone Conversion Transform

The "Timezone Conversion Transform" easily converts a date from one Timezone to another using the IANA TZ Database.

 Original Timezone / Converted Timezone

o   Source - Select where the original Timezone data will be found. This can be one of three types

  Static Value



o   Enter Static Value / Variable, Input Column - Depending on where the source is stored, you will use this text box to point to the source.

 Source and Output

o   Data Source Column - The column from which the original date will be retrieved from. This column must be a date type.

o   Output Action Where the converted data will be sent. There are two options.

 Output To A New Column - In this mode, a new column name will be given in the "Output Column" textbox, and then you will choose the output data type in the "Column Type" drop down.

 Replace Source Column - In this mode, a source data column will be chosen to replace its value upon conversion.